Ping Pong for ecomail advocacy-an idea whose time has come

Ecomail is replacing the use of paper mail as a way of communication. This is because of advanced digital technology and access to the internet across the world including the remote parts. The satellite technology is not hindered by the rough terrain. In addition, industrialization in the global business platform is the most contributing factor to this phenomenon.

 However, some companies are still rigid and stuck to the use of paper mail which has a negative impact on the environment leading to the current controversy debates on climate change. Using Ping Pong as a platform to engage all stakeholders and the public on the long-term benefits is a noble idea. Why use Ping pong and not any other sport for ecomail advocacy?

Ping Pong is a game loved by all genders, nationalities, races, religions, sports personnel and non-sportspersons. It attracts a large crowd, which helps in disseminating the information on the use of ecomail as opposed to paper mail. Some participants attend just because it is fun, in the end; they have the information they can pass across even in social media circles.

The outdoor event has the power to host socialites who are fond of social media, a simple caption of the use of ecomail can attract hundreds if not thousands of participants for the sake of advocating for the digital solution.

Children love ping pong for it occupies limited space as well as require up to four people to make a team. The portable equipment makes it easier to make a team just for the participants of the event who were strangers a few minutes ago. However, to ensure you have fun and enjoy the ping pong event, under the theme ecomail advocacy, purchase the best quality of a paddle, tennis ball, and tennis table to avoid breakages. A durable table tennis equipment fits in all manner of events since the portable function does not weaken it in any way.

The table tennis equipment should be of standard size, you never know, probably from these events you are developing a talent at a young age, only to be named the Ping pong star after many years. Practice using a standard table to familiarize yourself with the correct procedures according to the international Table Tennis Association.

The use of paper mail threatens the Ping pong industry, remember the equipment are made from the same raw materials- wood. When there is more use of paper mail, more trees are cut down, there will be a deficit for the ping pong table and paddle( More talented players will be discouraged because of low supply of table tennis equipment. From the business angle, when there is high demand there is the need for a higher supply now that there is a shortage, the prices will be high making the ping pong equipment and the game expensive for the low and middle-income earners.

Ecomail advocacy can use ping pong as an attractive tool for various groups and stakeholders who will be the carriers of the information to the target population. In addition, it popularizes the use of digital solutions in the modern society.