Factors To Consider During Mail Buying Of Offset Smokers

When it comes to classic smoker designs, offset smokers are one of the most popular. If you want to do a natural yet convenient barbeque, without the use of gas, then an offset smoker will be quite suitable. These smokers smoke have a long horizontal chamber where food is smoked, while one of the the sides has a firebox attached to it for burning the charcoal and smoke wood.

The cooking chamber of offset smokers includes multiple shelves, so a variety of briskets, racks of ribs and pork shoulders can be smoked at the same time. Offset smokers that are constructed of thick steel retain heat much better and easily, maximizing heat control and stabilizing the temperature.

What Is The Flavor Like When Using Offset Smokers?

If you want to add flavor to your dish, especially that distinct charcoal flavor, then an offset smoker can definitely help you accomplish that. Heat control is maximized due to the offset design of the charcoal box. So, the box channels the smoked flavor all across the foods, adding a mouthwatering barbeque-smoked flavor to them. Additionally, offset smokers ensures good airflow so that food does not get overpowered by the smoke flavor.

What Is So Convenient & Good About Offset Smokers?

The use of an offset smokers makes it possible to use charcoal. Charcoal, as a heat source, is quite controllable and even, and once it is fully lit, it provides adequate smoke without overdoing it. Overall, a good heat source is integral for a good, convenient barbeque.

Why Buy An Offset Smoker?

Other than the above, there are several other reasons why buying an offset smoker can prove to be a wise decision.

= You will never have to open the cooking chamber to add a wood heat source or stoke the fire.

= A grill grate can be installed over the firebox of an offset smoker, so you may use it for direct grilling too.

= The cook chamber is large enough that large quantities of food can be smoked.

= Above all, offset smokers do not have any electrical circuitry and moving parts that tend to burn out and need to be replaced.

= A wide range of accessories and customization options are also available for these smokers.

What Factors To Consider When Mail Buying An Offset Smoker?

Buying of an offset smoker by mail delivery is indeed possible. However, make sure you establish your budget before you decide to choose one, since the price of these smokers may range anywhere from $200 to $5,000.

Other factors to consider include:

= It is best if the smoker feels and looks substantial, i.e. it is made up of 1/4-inch, heavy-gauge steel. It will also be more convenient if it has wheels at its base.

= The smoker should also be well-crafted. For instance, its handles should be insulated, its welds should look strong, etc.

= All of seals featured should be good, especially the one between the two chambers. The cooking chamber and fiberbox have lids, which should also seal well.

= The smoker should also be large enough to accommodate the kinds of food you prefer to smoke.

= As mentioned, there also numerous accessories and customization options that you may consider, such as additional grill grates, bottom and front shelves, jerky smoking racks, a warming box, etc.

= Last but not least, make sure that the smoker comes with a lengthy-enough warranty, perhaps even a lifetime one.


Ultimately, no matter how you decide to buy an offset smoker, these smokers are indeed worth having, just make sure you keep all of the above in mind.