Environment-Friendly Ways To Market Smoked Fish

Going green has gone mainstream in business to protect the environment. At this point, if a businessperson doesn’t go green, it will be bad for his/her business As a result, industries have started embracing environment-friendly ways to market and sell their products. The fishing industry hasn’t been left out. There has been needing to ensure that fishing products reach the target market (consumer) in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Salmon is the most common type of fish that is smoked. Others include trout, mackerel, and whitefish Salmon is mostly cold smoked(a temperature that isn’t hot enough to cook it). If hot smoked, it should be cooked in the right salmon grill temperature. The right temperature is around 80c, making it flakier than cold smoked Salmon.

Smoked fish has in the past reached consumers in ways that do not promote an Eco-friendly environment. Initially, smoked fish was packaged in plastic cans and papers. People have started using biodegradable vacuum bags to package the product. Environmental organizations have been at the forefront in creating awareness on the use of eco-friendly packaging which has been key in revolutionizing packaging of products.

As a result, fish mongers have started adopting non-plastic packaging an environment-friendly way) when packaging smoked fish. Non-plastic packaging is sustainable and nature-friendly compared to plastic packaging Through the use of non-plastics, there’s less waste released to the environment. Further, marketers of smoked fish have often than not used promotional materials made of plastic or papers. Plastics and papers harm the environment because they release harmful chemicals into the soil, posing a problem for the ecosystem world. Despite them being durable, they are made of carbon that isn’t good for the environment, not to mention being non-biodegradable.

An alternative (promoting smoked fish online) is better and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. The purpose of advertising and marketing is to create awareness for the product to sell. Marketers of smoked fish can use websites and social media platforms to market their product As earlier mentioned, adverting through materials made of paper or plastics is bad for the environment. In contrast, no harm is caused to the environment with online promotion/advertising.

Email marketing could be a great way to promote smoked fish. Through it, marketers send commercial messages to potential customers to create awareness of their product (in this case smoked fish). Email marketing reigns supreme over other marketing channels such as SEO, affiliate marketing and social media.

Generally, people use email more than social media and search engines. The decade-old tech is the most effective marketing strategy probably because the parties are in close contact compared to SEO and social media. After all, what is the good of marketing to people who are not there? With this channel, smoked fish marketers can reach more people and in the most effective way. They are also going to incur less marketing expenses compared to advertising.

A potential customer is also inundated with advertisements or pitches everywhere he/she looks-makes marketing via email a perfect choice. Therefore, there is a need for promoters of smoked fish and packaged products, in general, to adopt the evolving environment-friendly ways in order to build and promote a sustainable environment in the long run.


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